About the Blog

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my family life has been when all of a sudden we start talking about a subject — a current event, something that is going on with a member of the family, a politically incorrect topic, anything!

Most of those moments happened while the children were young, and we were driving places — camp in North Carolina, school, soccer tournaments, to family gatherings, basically any time we were all together in the car.

It started with me wanting to make my children question any accepted “truth” or commonly accepted view of the world or subject, regardless if I agreed with the statement or not. I loved listening to their rationale and challenging them on it, even if I agreed with their view.

As they grew older these conversations became more enjoyable, deeper, and knowledgeable, but also became rare as they went away to school and the times we were together diminished. The reality of life is that children grow up and leave.

Now the times we are all together are priceless, but rare … This blog is a way to continue those conversations and keep us engaged in what we like to do together even when we’re far apart.

And as far as for the “outside” reader, feel free to join — really, we mean it! There is nothing better than to have a great conversation with our friends and family. But, if you want to comment, you better bring it!